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Several years ago two Brazen Hussies discussed the idea of promoting the work of female artists who were bold, unafraid, and challenged male norms. Ruth Waters, Founder and Executive Director of the Peninsula Museum of Art in Burlingame, CA, and Corinne Whitaker, CEO and Chief Imagineer of the Digital Giraffe Empire, finally decided to devote a special section on to these extraordinary artists.

We invite our visitors to suggest artists, even themselves, that they think should be honored here.

Note to parents: some of these images may not be appropriate for children. Please watch them first yourself and then decide whether you want your child to see them.

Jenny Saville's utterly fearless depictions of the female body
And Saville's portrait that just set an auction record for living female artists
Hannah Yata's luscious paintings
Anna Aagaard Jensen tackles "manspreading"