Caitriona Lally, winner of the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature
Lally (November, 2018)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice
RBG (October, 2018)
Maggie Taylor, "Landscape of Dreams"
Taylor (September, 2018)
Maxine Solomon, distinguished San Francisco Bay area painter
Solomon (August, 2018)
Cynthia Pannucci, ASCI Founder and Director
Panucci (July, 2018)
Lisa Brice, Reimaginng the Female Nude
Brice (June, 2018)
Tara Hernandez, Professional Software Developer (May, 2018)
Statue of Liberty (April, 2018)
Nancy Spector, creator of the Golden Toilet act of performance art
Spector (March, 2018)
Helen Grace James, who forced the U. S. Airforce to give her an Honorary Discharge some 60 years later.
James.(February, 2018)
Dr. Ellie Lobel, Lyme Disease protocol pioneer
Lobel (January, 2018)
Nancy Friday, author of The Secret Garden
Friday (December, 2017)
Yayoi Kusama, King of the Polka Dot
Kusama (November, 2017)
Judith Bernstein, original Guerilla Girl
Bernstein (October, 2017)
Susan Kaprov, multimedia artist
Kaprov (September, 2017)
Susan Ressler, Author, Educator, Documentary Photographer
Ressler (August, 2017)
Karen Gutfreund, Artist, Curator, Entrepreneur
Gutfreund (July, 2017)
Anna Ursyn, Head of Computer Graphics, School of Art and Design, University of Northern Colorado
Ursyn (June, 2017)
Mary Visser, Professor of Art and Brown Chair Holder, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas
Visser (May, 2017)
Polly Hoover Taylor, Pioneer Award Winner, San Mateo, California, Chamber of Commerce
Taylor (April, 2017)
Ruth Waters, Founder and Executive Director of the Peninsula Art Museum
Waters, (March, 2017)
Claudia Rankine, MacArthur Genius Fellow
Rankine. (February, 2017)

Each month we review the work of hundreds of women before selecting one that we feel is worthy of our "Woman of the Month" designation. If you know of a woman that we should consider, we welcome your suggestions.