Ad Hoc

Welcome to Ad Hoc, our newest feature on the art of advertising. We are proud to welcome Dr. Richard Zakia as the author of this page each month. For October, Dr. Zakia says:

I am intrigued by how Art is used in ads and have been collecting such ads for several years. My interest is to show the positive side ads could take by using their potential to introduce everyone to important works of art, especially those who have never been in a museum or gallery.

The painting used in this ad for M&M's is by which artist? (Answer below)

A.Salvatore Dali

B. James Ensor

C. Edvard Munch

Richard D. Zakia is Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology and author/coauthor of several books on photography, perception, semiotics and advertising.

Answer: The painting is by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (18 63 - 1944) and is called "The Scream". It was painted when he was 30 years old and is in the National Gallery in Oslo. There are other versions of it that he created in a variety of media.

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