where to find the digital giraffe

Corinne Whitaker lives in her imagination, works out of her studio in Carmel By The Sea, California, and is known for using materials and creating forms never before seen. She has been a pioneering digital sculptor and painter for 46 years, has exhibited extensively all over the world, and welcomes 222 nations to her award-winning Digital Giraffe eZine, now in its 30th year of monthly web publication. She has authored 33 books of digital paintings and poetry, composed music using artificial intelligence, and is a pioneer in the field of fine art 3D printed sculpture and A.I.

Call 650-704-6116 or email giraffe@giraffe.com for an appointment and personal viewing. If she doesn't answer immediately, the otters have beckoned and the sea lions called.

The Digital Giraffe working studio in downtown Carmel By The Sea, California, is located at the back of Heather Glen, one of Carmel's charming courtyards. Look for the distinctive sign on Mission Street N. of 8th.

Last updated February 1, 2024 - 30 years of monthly Web publication
Corinne Whitaker - Artist, Editor, Author, Poet, Sculptor, Publisher, Composer, Betaphysician, Chief of the Newanderthal Tribe
Best of Foster City 2016
Best of Palo Alto 2013

Golden Web Award, 2001 and 2000

Artist of the Month, Artisan Bazaar, 2000
Best in Cyberart Award, 1999
winner of BATech's "Catch of the Day"
winner of Fractal Design's "Artist of the Month"and "Image of the Day"
Featured Master Artist, Shadowart Galleries, 1997 and 1998
Guest Artist of the Month, Hampton Click Salon Online
Exhibit below from Virtual Gallery online