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Vintage Women

Welcome to our celebration of Vintage Women artists. Each month we will feature one artist over 60 years of age to give her the recognition she deserves. Email me if there is work here that you admire or wish to purchase. I will see that the artist is notified.

Note that we have included a sculpture of an 8000-year-old Turkish woman for comparison.

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Shimazu 1

Shimazu 2

Shimazu 3

Shimazu 4

Ancient Turkish Woman

Last updated April, 2021- 27 years of monthly Web publication
Corinne Whitaker - Artist, Editor, Author, Poet, Sculptor, Publisher, Composer, Chief of the Newanderthal Tribe
Best of Foster City 2016
Best of Palo Alto 2013

Golden Web Award, 2001 and 2000

Exhibit below from Virtual Gallery online

Artist of the Month, Artisan Bazaar, 2000
Best in Cyberart Award, 1999
winner of BATech's "Catch of the Day"
winner of Fractal Design's "Artist of the Month"and "Image of the Day"
Featured Master Artist, Shadowart Galleries, 1997 and 1998
Guest Artist of the Month, Hampton Click Salon Online