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August 1, 2019

To the Friends of Giraffe:

Let's Celebrate! I know, the headlines are disputatious, angst-ridden, filled with bullets real and verbal.

But in the world of art and technology I am seeing a renaissance so vibrant that a celebration is in order. Just wait until you see what I have found! It is now August and Augustine in Latin means great, magnificent. It refers to Saint Augustine of Hippo, who wrote "Oh God , make me chaste, but not yet." In its final day, 85 years ago, August gave birth to a giraffe, specifically the much-too-rebellious-and-therefore-nonsainted Digital Giraffe.

This past month two of our books were reviewed in the July issue of "Scarlet Letters", a literary digest out of Wellesley College. The reviewer wrote: "'A Tale of Gold Buttons' and 'And' are both art and literature. They explode in meaning the more I examine and explore them….These singular works bring the viewer into a new way of seeing. I for one was certainly ushered into a new way of seeing….These are books to be examined and explored, held in the hand and contemplated for a long time."

Our cover image is titled "Trungeon".


"!Brazen Hussy" begins with Miriam Cahn and her "Necessary Effrontery". Of this work, Ruth Waters, Executive Director of the Peninsula Museum of Art, writes, "It is still a matter of male dominance and control….My recurring thought: men are willing to injure and kill in order to gain and maintain dominance; women are not. Hence wars at all levels." Waters is collecting images that "show this cultural insistence", including photographs that place men on boxes to make them look taller and more dominating.

Then we bring you Dorian Electra, an idol of the queer pop world, who says "I am not a woman dressing as a man".


Our electronic quill article this month is titled, "Garden of Knowing", a phrase that comes from the old Arabic. The poetry begins, "I was born old/in the Garden of Knowing/I grow younger by the hour." Soon (well maybe not that soon!) to be expanded into my next book, accompanied by digital paintings.


Our section called "Other Voices" includes eMusings, yNot, Site of the Month, !Brazen Hussy, and Just Desserts.


eMusings: Our first three artists come from the RFC (Rubell Family Collection) at the RFC Museum in Mineola, Texas. The extensive collection is housed in a 45 thousand square foot building that once held confiscated goods from the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). The first artist shown here is Jamea Richmond-Edwards, who turns her eye on the world of young black females in the USA today. Next comes Miriam Cahn, also one of our !Brazen Hussies. And then we show you Tschabalala Self, concentrating on inner and outer views of the black female body. Marisa Merz at the Met Breuer; 60 years of extraordinary work by Jean Arp; Nicholas Party and his delightful obsession with trees; Dorian Electra and their "ultra synthetic cartoonishly masculine pop"; wild and windy views, recreated in wood, of the stormy Maine coast; lovely interactive sound and vision in Geneva, Switzerland; Celine Dion redefines herself with fashion; two biodomes meant to brighten those sunless winter days in Iceland; 5 decades of Helen Levitt photographing the streets of Brooklyn, New York; Interactive Digital Painting at Bournemouth University; glass and ceramic French pastries to make you drool; Italian artist Peeta creates optical illusions on building facades; Jonathan Tsang uses clay and stainless steel to utterly transform the human face; and, in an important article, GAN (Generative Artificial Networks) is explored.


YNOT: Our Woman of the Month award for August goes to Lindsay Jayne Ashford, the first woman to graduate from Queen's College Cambridge with a master's degree in criminology. She is also the author of the beautifully written current novel "The Snow Gypsy".


Don't forget that our outstanding women are permanently archived on their own page.


Continuing in YNot: jail for an Indonesian school teacher who reported her superior for "unwanted sexual behavior"; a new female leader for the Palais de Tokyo Museum in Paris; a small town in Alaska has 7 policemen and a chief, all of whom are convicted felons; it is illegal to keep your maiden name when you get married in Japan; a woman is inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame; tickle your funny bone with the Older Ladies Song; 8 outstanding black women who are leaders in their field; women who escape from ISIS in Iraq find themselves beaten and sold into slavery; resistance to uncomfortable dress codes for women in the workplace; Uber in Japan hires older women to deliver food on foot; women are refused Guru status in the Hare Krishna society.


Giraffe's Site of the Month: The outlandish costumes and make up of Leigh Bowery.


New Digital Paintings: We tell you what life was like the year I was born: men's ties for 55 cents anyone? The 5 new digital paintings are colorful and challenging, from "Uncle Yanni's Scrapbook" to "The Vanishing Picador".


New Blobs: We take a nostalgic look at the year 2006, when these blobs were created. Plus ca change...


Digital Giraffe writes: "Bumping into God"- since it is August, we consider once again Saint Augustine, and ask if we are "victims of Battered Citizen Syndrome"?


3D print news: making tiny 3D printed droplets permanently magnetic; India encourages small start-ups; mini 3D printed nanobots that respond to vibrations; new slicing software that lets you make multiple copies in color of the same model; large 3D printed columns; recreating human hair; Dubai constructs an elegant 3D printed residence; new technology aims to let astronauts create new skin and bone in space; a new 3D printer that uses water-based material rather than polymers or wires; The U.S. Army hacks 3D printers so they can make body armor "on the fly".


I hope the achievements of these talented women, men, and them help to quiet the furies that swirl the globe right now. We do have reasons to celebrate!

With warm regards from the Giraffe

c. Corinne Whitaker 2019