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November 30, 2019

To the Friends of Giraffe:

It's the season of jolly and jingle once again. I started playing Christmas carols in November, just because the music, like all music, brings me joy. But I wonder if the big guy with the long white beard will visit the children separated from their parents? I wonder what kind of people/nation/species has lost track of some of those little ones? It's hard to be jolly in the face of such folly.

Our cover image is titled "Twinning", a continuing investigation of how A.I. reinterpreted my snapshot.


Help us celebrate the birthday month of our 30th book of poetry and digital paintings! Krepildockerschpe searches for simple answers to complex questions. It quotes Elvis Presley and Ogden Nash to question the why of cancer in children. And its seductive rhythms should lift your spirits and cradle your mind. You will find it on (Even if you can't pronouce it, most people start grinning at the sound of it). Reviewers praise its "incredible artistry" and call it "a wonderful journey into the world and heart and mind of the author." If you too enjoy it, 5 stars on amazon would fill my stocking with joy!.

"!Brazen Hussy" brings you the Vagina Museum, and then a gem called "Faceless Women and Fungi". You won't want to miss either one.


Our electronic quill article this month is called "Krepildockerschpe Meets the Fulfulde". We look at languages that disappear, new words that spring up, and the impetus to invent. Have you gifted a Krepildockerschpe moment to someone you love this holiday?


Our section called "Other Voices" includes eMusings, yNot, Site of the Month, !Brazen Hussy, and Just Desserts.


eMusings: What nuggets we have found for your holiday viewing! "Moving to Mars"; beauties of contemporary architecture; looking closely at Baby Thanos; jazz and the saxophone; El Maestro in Mexico; Ishbel Myerscough's relentless portraits; the Met gets a major donation of Old Master paintings; male nudes with nothing held back; Mansplaining illustrated; a cafe fairyland for kids in China; Ethnograic/Tribal/American works at auction; a major show of Niki de Saint Phalle; an important article about "The birth of the complex cathedral of the modern mind" - much to think about here.


YNOT: Our Woman of the Month award for December goes to Michelle Holzapfel, 2019 USA Fellow, with her exceptional wood carvings.


Don't forget that our outstanding women are permanently archived on their own page.


More from our Ynot women's page: "Les Sewing Sisters" - can you imagine using a sewing machine as your instrument?; the continuing cruelty of virginity tests; asking what women in the concentration camps did about their periods; is the clitoris for pleasure or reproduction? does it matter?; a 13-year-old youngster solves the hyperloop problem; apparent discrimination against Muslim women in public sector jobs in Quebec; rape excused in Barcelona; tracking the periods of refugee girls under the government's care; the Hear Her Festival.


Giraffe's Site of the Month: If you can't get to Santa Fe, join us online for Meow Wolf's zany environments. Just think of Fairy Tales high on Kickapoo Joy Juice. (thanks to JS for this).


New Digital Paintings: Twinning continues to absorb us this month. In fact it occupies a deep and magical place in the human psyche. From Backward Glance to the Red Sea - these will keep you challenged.


New Blobs: Creatures from an other world.


Digital Giraffe writes: "The Goddess of Iniquity" - gold, greed, and brutality over the centuries; White Men in White Robes try to hide women under burqa black; the raucous noise of dissent; dancing bratwursts and dessicated coconuts - it's all here.


3D print news: 3D printed bricks from recycled plastic; 3D printing living skin complete with blood vessels; 3D printing complex glass objects; feed spaces for improved water desalination; living polymers in the 4th dimension; in-vitro skin to eliminate animal testing; a guide for buyers of 3D printers; high-tech bioprints controlled by a $10.00 gamepad, plus aqueous architecture; implanting skulls and hips; a new ceramic 3D printer; flushing out medical implants; and a reminder of the dangers inherent in emissions from 3D printers.


Charcoal to CBS for season 6 of Madame Secretary - how sad to ruin a fine series; kudo's to the 1996 movie on, "The Whole Wide World". I did not know about pulp fiction writer Robert E. Howard, but Vincent D'Onofrio's outstanding portrayal is bigger than life.

I hope that Santa blesses you and those close to you this holiday. With warm regards from your friend, the Giraffe

c. Corinne Whitaker 2019