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September 1, 2021

To the Friends of Giraffe:

Happy News! The Digital Giraffe is opening a working studio/office in Carmel By the Sea, California. You will find us at the back of one of Carmel's charming courtyards, Heather Glen, on Mission Street North of 8th. THE place for digital painting, digital sculpture, and 3D printed sculpture. Come to look, discuss, learn and enjoy. We will be ready after September 15. Y'all come!

Our cover image this month is titled "Growth", celebrating being alive, right here, right now. Maybe 'tis a puzzlement, these times that we are going through, as Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote, but surely it is a glorious puzzlement nonetheless.

Our Electronic Quill article this month is titled i.i.Sublime (with a nod to e.e.cummings), and is dedicated to all of you who have been denied, decried, dehumanized, not to forget those who have died. It is meant to be a booster shot for your ego, your self confidence. Along the way, we touch on the music of Sondheim, the poetry of Lucille Clifton, our own shattered glass frames, and futterwacking. (You didn't expect me to make it all serious, did you?)


Our section called "Other Voices" includes eMusings, yNot, Site of the Month, !Brazen Hussy, and Just Desserts.


eMusings: "Afterlives: Recovering the Lost Stories of Looted Art"; Bonnie Collura's "simultaneously relatable and alien" sculptures; Rachel Kneebone's "Raft", a counterpoint to Collura's work; an art work that ages as you walk by; Whistler's model and lover rediscovered; "Artistry of the Mentally Ill" during the Nazi regime; Felix-Hernandez wins a Hopper Prize for her paintings of the queer community in the Caribbean; Ben Nicholson's gentle reflections; "Vagina Painting", from a Flux artist in New York City; communicating long distance by whistling (80 nations do this); "Feast", recipes for food lovers; 2 women win the Isamu Noguchi Award for 2021, one in ceramics and one in architecture.


!Brazen Hussy: You won't want to miss "Fitness and Feminism", a new interview with Jenny Saville, surely one of today's premier artists. We also want to alert you to the acceptance of !Brazen Hussy as a project in SIGGRAPH 2021. Unfortunately, "image not available" means that they have omitted Ruth Waters' sculpture from their announcement. Originally intending to show it, they incorrectly attributed it to me, and they badly cropped (read: mauled) the image. Rather than make these simple corrections, they chose to delete the sculpture altogether. We show it to you, above, to set the record straight.


YNOT: Our Woman of the Month award for September goes to Jocelyn Bell Burnell, an Astrophysicist from Northern Ireland. She discovered the first radio pulsars in 1967, only to see the glory originally given to her teacher.


Don't forget that our outstanding women are permanently archived on their own page.


More on Ynot: "Don't Shut Up", an exhition giving voice to silenced women; celebrating women's body hair, like armpits; "About Her", 5 women scientists in the Arab world; uncovering the forgotten women who, quietly and rebelliously, painted domestic scenes in the first half of the 20th century; the Afghan women's robotics team gets out safely; "Carol's Daughter" gains success with hair and beauty products for the Black community; Alameda County in California starts a health program for expectant Black mothers; a woman invents a new tool for gynecological examinations; surging violence against women in Puerto Rico; an Olympic runner breaks the taboo against discussing menstrual periods; a young Malaysian woman is hired by Tesla as a Robotics Instructor; "Imposter Syndrome" addresses the needs of women who feel less competent than their colleagues; an important discussion of uniforms for female athletes: are they for ogling, or for better performance?


Giraffe's Site of the Month - two artists for you this month: Mel Kendrick takes us through his process of reinventing wood; Jonathan Yeo discovers the wonders of technology and uses it to create a stunning self-portrait sculpture.


New Digital Paintings: don't miss our exciting new venture into large digital triptychs, all shown in illuminated ultra-thin lightboxes, four feet wide by two feet high.


New Blobs: 4 blobs (digital models) that resemble sea forms, plants, insects. They are all of these. They are none of these.


3D Print News: a novel approach to ceramic 3D printing that cuts costs dramatically; large scale 3D prints to improve the performance of liquid rocket engines; synthetic food: better beef, joined by pork and chicken; a new light-reflecdted crystal ink that can be adapted to existing 3D printers; 3D printing a "viable" glioblastoma tumor: a proposal to build separate lanes for bikers and pedestrians below existing bridges; a better 3D printed therapeutic method for graft survival; how to convert your 3D printer into a laser engraver; a new prosthetic hand gives tactile control to amputees; Berlin will hold an international digital technologies forum to cover a wide range of topics; synthetic meat from chicken fat and pork cells; special construction materials for hot and humid climates; India produces a 3D printed heart valve prototype; China creates nanofiber tags that extend the life of fresh fruit.


E4TT (Ensemble for These Times" has uploaded an interview with giraffe that we wanted to share with you.

Diversions for Difficult Times

"Philomena", on Netflix: I have long admired Dame Judy Dench. Her Philomena is superb, a woman both charming and stubborn, feisty and heart-wrenching. It takes a special acting skill to be both subtle and memorable. Dench excels at both.

Remember to come see us in Carmel after September 15! The lengthy pandemic isolation resulted in much new work to show you.

With warm regards from your friend, the Giraffe.

c. Corinne Whitaker 2021