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August 1, 2020

To the Friends of Giraffe:

Wouldn't you love to go to a museum every day without leaving your desk/couch? Just log in daily to where you will find a new ground-breaking digital image each day with a link to the earlier covers. Contemporary masterworks at your fingertips!

Our cover image today, and today only, is titled "Quiche, Anyone?" and is number 141 in our series of daily covers reflecting how it feels to live through this pandemic. Like most of my current work, this one is derived from a crude selfie, subjected to several A.I. algorithms, and then digitally transformed.

My thanks to all of you for your beautiful comments about my newest book. They really brighten my day. "Bully Bully Bang Bang" looks at bullies, of course, bias and hypocrisy. It moves from prostitutes to Hitler, from Pamplona to art that makes you itch. And it specializes in bold language that breaks the rules of poetry, and ground-breaking digital imaging. Available on amazon.

Our electronic quill article this month is called "Plucking Chickens": we begin with Russian immigrants at the start of the 20th century, think about greybeards and rules, and then find a rebellious child in our midst. Oh, and it's all personal.


Our section called "Other Voices" includes eMusings, yNot, Site of the Month, !Brazen Hussy, and Just Desserts.


eMusings: a space station for the oceans; Susan Kaprov continues her digital magic; a couple of stop-motion music videos; innovative work from Dyscorpia; a ball-point pen as a tool; whimsical paintings by Monica Rohan; a huge spherical installation based on photos of the New York sky; some deeply patterned portraits inspired by Klimt; Anne Hieronymus combines reality and fantasy in her landscapes; an 18th century pastellist; Exodus 2020 uses rope and saris; portraits of masks and invisibility; some stunning fashions by Black-owned labels; watch a latin samba; and listen to a talented group of Chinese children using music as a metaphor for change.


YNOT: Our Woman of the Month award for August goes to Aqui Thami, Founder of Sister Library.


Don't forget that our outstanding women are permanently archived on their own page.


More on Ynot: budget cutbacks have resulted in a sharp increase in violence against women in Mexico; the San Francisco Giants baseball team hires an onfield female coach; the covid pandemic eats away at 30 years of economic progress for women; Google faces a class-action lawsuit for gender discrimination; the first woman CEO of a major biotechnology company; the United Arab Emirates' first space mission is led by a woman; Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen's horrendous death once again highlights problems for women in the military; Warner Bros. casts its first Black Batwoman; the WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association) designs new uniforms promoting "Black Lives Matter" and "Say Her Name".


Giraffe's Site of the Month - two brilliant contemporary minds at work: Diego Rodriguez-Warner with his complex, intriguing canvases; and Joseph Nechvatal's amazing excursions into music.


!Brazen Hussy: We now have over 40 brazen women artists for you to visit and think about.


New Digital Paintings: 5 brand new portraits. As we face new challenges, both technological and medical, we see the human species inalterably changing. Identity is fluid as we start to question who we are and where we are headed.


New Blobs: 4 new complex 3D models which, as you know, form the basis of my paintings and sculpture.


Digital Giraffe writes: "Once Upon a Kaching": it sounds like a fairy tale but is actually a call for consumer rebellion. Can that be more than a fairy tale? Only if we make it so.


3D print news: a new polymer for the medical industry; an attempt to convert liquid resins into solid objects; royalty-free videos offering 3D templates and backgrounds; a single-step carbon fiber bicycle; making Claptrap speak and light up; a droplet-based system for fluids at the sub-millimeter level; an open-source grinding machine to manufacture compression screws; a single-process two-story house; a proposed hyper-car with a ginormous price tag; 3D printed plant-based fish; and a replica of a 230 million-year-old reptile.


Diversions for difficult times:

"Travels with my Aunt" Alexa: have you noticed that Alexa has started asking you questions? I have also started telling her when she has made a mistake.

Here are some suggestions for adventures in music: in classical music, listen to specific performers, like young piano genius Lang Lang and Alfred Brendel; make your requests generic, like "play solo classical piano music"; revisit composers you may have overlooked lately, like Dmitri Shostakovich and his Jazz Suite #2, Edward Elgar's Cello Concerto, Grieg's Lyric Pieces, and, for a touch of spice with your Bach, Glen Gould's Goldberg Variations.

For relaxation, try Lionel Richie's gentle ballads , or go nostalgic with the Ink Spots from the 1940's. Take deep breaths of some vanilla-flavored incense as you chill out. And for upbeat leisure clothes, try the super-soft leggings at - easy on the wallet and fun.

Think forward, with excerpts from Ensemble for these Times' (E4TT) "Once/Memory/Night" tribute to poet Paul Celan. (disclosure: E4TT's Artistic Director is my daughter, Nanette McGuinness.)

My viewers are sharp, so I know you will watch out for the rampant price-gouging. I always check several sources for supplies, like Walmart, Amazon, Safeway and EBay. The differences can be startling, and may change on a daily basis.

August events to think about: during this month, the first census was taken; Anne Frank made her last entry in her diary; Wild Bill Hickock was killed during a poker game; George Washington initiated the first Purple Heart Medal; and the Digital Giraffe celebrates her 86th on August 31.

We WILL get through this pandemic, but we will need to cooperate and listen to Dr. Fauci for that to occur. Stay informed, stay healthy, and stay positive. Warm regards from your Friend the Giraffe.

c. Corinne Whitaker 2020