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April 1, 2021

To the Friends of Giraffe:

282,000 works of art. That is how many pieces have now been made available to us online by the Louvre Museum in Paris. This is what the Internet was made for, and a cause for celebration. See our eMusings page below for the link.

Our cover image this month is titled "Seeing Red". It is fabricated on mirror in a custom-designed framing method using elegant broken fire glass. I am using this new method in about ten new paintings, each with its own custom glass colors. This new body of work is more contemplative, less high-energy infused, than others recently.

Our new !Brazen Hussy artist for you this month is called "Reclaiming Women's Bodies: Photographs of Older Women".


Don't forget that you can purchase a wide range of !Brazen Hussy goodies at our shop.

Our Electronic Quill article this month is titled "Crooked Head and the DadaDodo". We look at language idiosycracies - did you know that some languages use words in random order? Think about Limgen, a new A.I. system to generate limericks, and sfyria, spoken by only 6 living people on a remote island in Greece. Thnk about rules that we assume to be inalterable. Think about a high school principal who banned kids from speaking about the female body.


Our section called "Other Voices" includes eMusings, yNot, Site of the Month, !Brazen Hussy, and Just Desserts.


eMusings: Fasten your seat belts and begin by reading "Propagation", written by 14-year-old Adam Feldman; then continue to lovely portraits from Persia in the 18th century; Magnus Enckell, an esteemed painter from Finland; the intriguing pock-marked ceramics from Claudia Fontes; your link to the extraordinary new Louvre site; a new show of pieces by Niki de Saint Phalle, described as "ravishing"; early works by Yayoi Kusama; Willy Verginer's whimsical figures of young children; Doron Langberg's passion for the human body; Bisa Butler's compelling portraits; Pipilotti Rist's defiant videos; Helen Beard's playful collages; Sue Ela's elegant outdoor sculptures; an 18th century sculpture carved from one block of marble, including all detailing; Gerhard Richter's donation of 100 works to a new museum in Berlin, including his Birkenau series inspired by the Holocaust; and "The Trouble with Being Tall", all about. of course, giraffes.


YNOT: Our Woman of the Month award for March goes to Dr. Antonia Novello, first woman and first Hispanic Surgeon General of the United States.


Don't forget that our outstanding women are permanently archived on their own page.


More on Ynot: sexual harassment of women in the U.K.; same sex marriages legalized in Japan; LOFT will no longer sell plus-size clothing; our Big Beautiful Woman 3D printed sculpture validates who we are, rather than how women are mythologized; sexism in the medical field; women the original brewers of beer; women artists in history that defied restrictions; the Oakland Athletics baseball team selects its first female announcer; the poor treatment of women composers and producers; a Texas class on chivalry goes seriously awry; "Indiana Jane" in Italy tried to answer the question "Where are the women?"; twin sisters in Japan design games for women; a look back at the Barbizon Hotel for women in New York City; a woman in Peru won her legal battle for the right to die "with dignity".


Giraffe's Site of the Month - You have heard of Bjork. This video, called Losss, shows you why she is held in such high regard.


New Digital Paintings: 5 of our latest digital paintings, all fabricated in a custom-designed framing with glittering smashed fire stones surrounding and upon. Feast your senses upon "Kissing a Moustache", "Mouth in Flower", and "Hearing Eternity".


New Blobs: 4 blobs (digital models) created in 2008, with a brief overview of what was happening that year.


3D print news: In a rare bit of behind-the-scenes reveal, the CEO of Moderna lets us in on the first moment he understood that his company could produce a covid19 vaccine, describes the components of the vaccine, and the drama involved in its production; an additional article from the Atlantic magazine points out how ground-breaking this vaccine is and the important implications of its design going forward; Dayna, an electric motorcycle designed for rescues in difficult landscapes; a new nontoxic bioplastic made from wood powder; 3D printed "bones" made from the patient's own cells at room temperature; an overview of runners' shoes made with 3D printed parts; real-time holograms of people beamed from home to work (don't miss this!); open-finger swimming enabled by 3D printed Aqua Knuckles; responses to different 3D printed procedures in the fields of prostate and kidney cancer surgery; 3D printed scaffolds to correct the problems with poor biochemical organization that now plague the standard surface functionalization method.


Diversions for Difficult Times

The cool world of jazz, by the Bill Evans Trio. Here's a quote from a jazz aficianado about Bill Evans: "An earlier Bill Evans album with a different trio is Everybody Digs Bill Evans. Bill Evans also plays on Miles Davis' famous Kind of Blue. After bassist Scott LaFaro was killed in a car accident (10 days after Sunday at the Village Vanguard and Waltz with Debby were recorded) Bill Evans stopped working for months. One of the first albums he did coming out of seclusion was a duet album, Undercurrents, with guitarist Jim Hall. I'm a big Jim Hall fan; he's not flashy, just all about the music." Another idea from the same expert: " Ahmad Jamal's At the Pershing: But Not for Me it is worth a listen, too. Also a piano trio, different style, hip, humorous, swinging." I have found many hours of pleasure from these suggestions.

More music: David Kramer, South African singer, with hypnotic sounds, and Danny Rivera, Puerto Rican singer and songwriter.

Streaming: As a fan of Queen Latifah, "Just Wright", a basketball/romance, which suited me without the violence of her new TV series.

Two examples of the transition from Victorian novel to film: "The Moonstone" and "Middlemarch".

Prescription for a happier life: once a day, praise yourself for something you have done, or something you wisely refrained from doing. Then look in the mirror and say, "I Like Me!

PS: I like you too.

Returning to social activities after prolonged isolation is an eerie experience, like re-entering earth from a distant planet. Makes me wonder: how can we possibly think that solitary confinement in prison accomplishes anything?

With warm regards from your friend, the Giraffe.

c. Corinne Whitaker 2021